Google PPC and Display

By Bengaged Media

What Is Google-PPC?

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the rocket fuel for online marketing. It places your brand at the top of Google search results, turning searches into valuable clicks. This isn’t just advertising; it’s ensuring your business is seen first.

Why Google-PPC?

  • Immediate Impact: Google-PPC shows results instantly. Launch a campaign today, see traffic tomorrow.
  • Cost-Effective: You pay only when an interested person clicks. It’s like only paying for an ad that works.
  • Laser-Targeted: Reach your ideal customer based on demographics, interests. No more shooting in the dark.

Our Track Record

At Bengaged Media, we’re not just participants in the Google-PPC game; we’ve been masters since its inception. Our journey began alongside Google Adwords, turning us into seasoned veterans with a proven track record.

  • £2 Million in Spend: We’ve managed hundreds of accounts, both commercial and experimental, navigating through the digital marketing seas with over £2 million in ad spend.
  • 1.39 Million Phone Calls: Our campaigns have not just generated impressions or clicks; they’ve converted. We’re talking over 1.39 million phone calls and countless connections.
  • Millions of Impressions: Visibility? We’ve nailed it, with millions of impressions, putting our clients’ brands in front of eyes that matter.
  • £200 Million in Revenue: The ultimate measure of success. Over the last 13 years, since 2011, we’ve generated over £200 million in revenue for our clients in the United Kingdom.

Google PPC

Why Bengaged Media?

With Bengaged Media, you’re not just getting another Google-PPC service; you’re getting a partner invested in your success. Our approach is data-driven, creative, and tailored to maximize your ROI. We don’t just aim for clicks; we aim for growth.

  • Expertise and Experience: Decades of experience distilled into every campaign.
  • Tailored Strategies: Custom strategies that fit your business like a glove.
  • Transparent Reporting: See your results, understand your growth.

Ready to skyrocket your online presence? Bengaged Media is your launchpad. Let’s make your brand unmissable.

Contact us today and let’s turn clicks into customers.