Meet Our Team

Bengaged Media

Founder - Dr. Wajid Khan

Dr. Wajid Khan is a pioneer at the confluence of technology and business, renowned for his innovative approaches in applying digital marketing principles and technology solutions to tackle real-world challenges. A fervent supporter of knowledge dissemination and collective advancement, Dr. Khan inspires a new cadre of digital marketing experts with his dedication and visionary leadership.

His journey is characterized by an unyielding pursuit of innovation and enlightenment, embracing research, practical implementation, and community engagement as pillars to forward the digital marketing discipline.

Email: [email protected]

Taimur Khan | Lead Data Analyst

Taimur Khan plays a pivotal role in interpreting data and transforming it into strategic intelligence. His expertise lies in dissecting vast datasets to unearth underlying trends and metrics, fueling our campaigns with empirical evidence and measurable success.
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At Bengaged Media, our team synergizes their vast array of skills and experiences to craft unique digital marketing solutions. Together, we strive to set new benchmarks in the industry and help our clients achieve their digital aspirations.